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MCP Yachts launches 090 hull in water

This precious jewel is the result of the perfect owners' partnership with a well coordinated team of experts who designed, built and delivered it within the contractual term. Fifth boat built from the CLASSIC 76 series by the MCP YACHTS, MY ROME endorses the famous proverb in which `All roads lead to ROME`.

Transoceanic, Aluminum, light and resistant, the ROME should leave for Belém, its future home, after a few months enjoying the Coast between Santos and Rio de Janeiro. The range of Classic 76 boats allows for direct non-stop travel.

Its mirrored navy blue hull and metallic gray superstructure combine classic and contemporary.

Two Caterpillar C18 engines of 1,015 BHP each allow for navigation at a maximum speed of 22 knots and a cruise of 19.5 knots with total comfort provided by its NAIAD stabilizers.

In long trips to 9 knots consuming both engines a total of 38 liters per hour the autonomy is over 2,800 nautical here.


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