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MCP Yachts MY 76

MCP's compact motor yacht, the Classic 76, unfolds an unparalleled universe of possibilities within its size. Boasting an elegant and timeless design, this vessel features four spacious social suites and a generously sized "full-beam" saloon, providing comfort and autonomy for those seeking safety and the liberating expanse of the open sea.

At extended cruising speeds, the Classic 76 showcases impressive stability and remarkably comfortable sailing, with a modest fuel consumption of just 70 liters of diesel per hour. Conversely, its inherent lightness endows it with versatility, courtesy of a semi-displacement hull meticulously crafted by MCP Yachts. This design ensures both performance and agility, allowing the yacht to achieve a top speed of up to 22 knots.

Located at the stern, a spacious and well-appointed crew area enhances comfort and privacy on board, catering to the needs of those responsible for the vessel's operation.

The inclusion of double-bottomed tanks distinguishes the Classic 76 with the largest water and fuel storage capacity available in the market. Beyond contributing to this remarkable capacity, the double-bottomed design enhances stability and ensures watertight safety in the event of a severe collision with a rigid floating object.

A meticulously engineered Skeg positioned on the centerline serves multiple purposes, providing protection for the propulsion assemblies, facilitating safe grounding, and enhancing course stability for open-sea navigation.


The utilization of shaft lines, featuring an oil bath encapsulated bearing system, contributes to reduced vibration and heightened propulsive efficiency. This, in turn, promotes a sailing experience characterized by smoothness and silence, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship of MCP Yachts.


General Arrangement

Length Over All: 76’ (23.24 M)
Maximum Beam: 18’10” (5.73 M)
Maximum Draft: 5’7” (1.70 M)
Maximum Displacement: 57.90 MTON
Light Displacement: 40.17 MTON
Gross Tonnage: 95 GT
Hull Material: Marine Grade 5083 Aluminum
Superstructure Material: Marine Grade 5083 Aluminum
Hull Classification: Lloyd’s Register or Rina
Hull Type: Semi-Displacement
Naval Architecture: MCP Yachts
Naval Engineering: MCP Yachts
Exterior Design: MCP Yachts
Interior Design: MCP Yachts
Bow/Stern Thrusters: Naiad
Stabilizers: Naiad (At Anchor)
Treatment System: Headhunter
Diesel: 10,450 L / 2760 gall
Fresh Water: 3,290 L /869 gal
Oceanic Range: 3,000 Nautical Miles
Engines: 2 X CAT C12 - 570 OR C18 1015* BHP
Long Range Speed: 8.6 Knots Consuming Total 32 L/H
Speed (Max/Cruise):19/16 Knots
Cabins: 4
Owner & Guests: 9
Crew Cabins: 1
Crew: 2

Contact us

Rua Hermínio Tamiolo, 60

Guarujá, SP -11420-750

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