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MCP Yachts launches the first hull of the Global EXP 68 series

March 15, 2021

This super sailboat was conceived and impeccably designed to increase the comfort and safety of navigation, both in coastal regions and in the open sea, in high or low latitudes. With the availability of 5 different internal layouts, the Global Exp has up to 5 cabins, being common to all models, an incredible and spacious main cabin at the stern.

Engaged in the growing international market of sailboats classified #bluewater (developed with autonomy and structural resistance proportional to transoceanic navigations), #fastcruisers (high performance cruising sailboats) and #explorer-yachts (yachts suitable for navigation in high latitudes, and regions of the globe with the most challenging sea and wind conditions), MCP yachts spared no effort in ensuring that Global EXP only offers the best. A new achievement that guarantees the Shipyard its usual visibility and international recognition for its excellence in the manufacture of transoceanic aluminum yachts.

Below are some words from Damien Chaves, shipyard director, creator and person in charge of the project with the MCP team:

"People tend to associate this project with the essential characteristics of an Explorer sailboat. Aware of the power of the series name, and the indisputable reliability of an aluminum hull manufactured by MCP, I consider this very natural for sailors who dream of expanding its navigation limits. On the other hand, the versatility of this boat is surprising! I consider it the ideal cruising sailboat for all experiences, including sailing on the Brazilian coast.

That's because the high standard of finishing, and the design attributes that make this a more comfortable boat for navigation in high latitudes, also guarantee her much more comfort and versatility in hot and tropical regions.

An example of this is the proposal to protect the captain and crew from exposure to rain, wind and intense sun, ensuring visibility and navigation control inside and outside the vessel. The innovative configuration of the raised saloon with pilot house, and the set of rigid doghouse and hardtop, guarantee protection and comfort free from the dependency and maintenance of fragile and expensive external roofing. A boat always ready and impeccable, in the cold or in the heat, rain or shine.

Another example, the pivoting keel, allows access to all the coves and marinas in the country, and was also designed with an intelligent hydraulic damping system for an eventual collision, which guarantees much more safety for coastal navigation.

We also point out that this is a very high performance sailboat, lighter, more stable and with sail propulsion significantly superior to European cruise sailboats and serials, with similar size and made of fiberglass. "

Damien Chaves - Executive Director - Engineering and projects - Shipyard MCP Yachts

MCP Yachts intends to publish soon the official photos, technical details and images of the sea trials, which should take place this coming March, and also the official delivery to the owners, planned for the first week of April.

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