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100th Anniversary Schooner sailboat S/V ATREVIDA

We are pleased to share an exciting story from the International nautical world: the Schooner Sailboat Atrevida, designed by Nataniel Herreshoff in 1923, celebrated its centenary in 2023, after being gloriously reborn to become a true work of art.


The Ocean's heart is beating faster

Another masterpiece from the sailboat department at MCP YACHTS was revealed in the sunlight. This is the second EXPLORER 68 which is now on its way to the final painting shed where it will receive its latest equipment. Hull number 094, of the legendary MCP YACHTS family, will soon receive new sailing brothers. Here comes the EXPLORERS numbered 096 and 097. The latter for export.


Queen Tati impresses in sea trial

The sea trial of the vessel was a true spectacle for navigation enthusiasts. With its high performance and efficiency, the vessel proved capable of reaching high speeds while maintaining a silent and extremely economical navigation.


MCP Yachts makes history and launches the masterpiece of a generation: The Full Aluminium MCP 37.4m

Developed and designed by a highly successful partnership between the Dutch Studio Vripack and the engineering and design team from MCP, this 37.4 meter Motor Yacht inaugurates a new Superyacht era in South America, surpassing not only previous tonnage limits, but also the highest levels of safety, autonomy and cruising comfort presented in the Brazilian coast.


The shipyard celebrates the keel laying of the MCP 40 METERS SEAVIEW project

The teams have achieved a perfect balance between boldness and refined elegance, between comfort and performance. The end result was a true 40-metre SUPERYACHT, with timeless lines that surround a surprising internal volume. A SUPERYACHT perfect for any coastal or transoceanic route with a view of the sea maximized through large glass screens. Suitable for cozy family trips or action-packed adventures to the extreme points of the planet.


MCP 37.4 meter model is transferred to the painting hangar

The model's first hull was moved from the construction facility to the finishing and painting shed. Its commissioning is scheduled for October 2022. It is worth noting the agility of the vessel's handling operation, which was completed in a few minutes using the shipyard's travelift for perfect repositioning.


The MCP Yachts Shipyard advances with the construction of two new Global EXP 68 sailboats

With the successful construction of the first hull, the shipyard has already started the construction of two more Global EXP 68 sailboats, each with different configurations. The aim is to provide even more options for customers, allowing them to choose the best configuration to meet their specific needs.


MCP Yachts launches the first hull of the Global EXP 68 series

This super sailboat was conceived and impeccably designed to increase the comfort and safety of navigation, both in coastal regions and in the open sea, in high or low latitudes. With the availability of 5 different internal layouts, the Global Exp has up to 5 cabins, being common to all models, an incredible and spacious main cabin at the stern.



She is the perfect starting point for the multiyear design development agreement between MCP, the biggest South American custom yacht builder and the Dutch Studio Vripack signed earlier this year.


MCP's Hull number 092 is now getting prepared for the pre painting stage

MCP Yachts presents its latest project, the Full aluminum Global Exp 68 Sailboat. MCP YACHTS Engineers Damien Chaves and Manoel Chaves' motivation, two sailors generations passionate about the sea, is the creation of a concept of maintainable Yacht, that can provide comfort and safety for navigation at seas all over the planet.


Introducing MY THD 925, the newest addition to our family MCP Yachts

The new project 925 Two and a Half Decks was launched in the water. Contemplating the most modern in materials, design and construction, this new Superyacht MCP has transoceanic autonomy in a 12-knot cruise and reaches the top speed of 25 knots with only 85% of load in the two main engines.


MCP Yachts launches 090 hull in water

Fifth boat built from the CLASSIC 76 series by the MCP YACHTS, MY ROME endorses the famous proverb in which `All roads lead to ROME`.


MCP Yachts begins construction of new 92.5 'Two and a Half Decks project

As one of the most active builders, the shipyard starts building on a fast pace the new 92'5 THD project.


MCP Yachts launches PARADISO

Confirming its position as a leader in superyacht construction in South America, MCP launches its 106LE 2nd edition.


Follow the development of a work of art

Watch in just one minute the equivalent of six months to build a 106LE, hull designed and produced by MCP Yachts.


Two new units under construction at the yard

The models 106 and LE Classic 76 are in advanced production process.


106 Limited Edition impresses in sea trial

In the test the new model of MCP proved its high performance, exceeding the design speed and navigating to 26 knots with 89% of maximum engine power.


MCP Yachts launches the sea 106 Limited Edition

MCP Yachts launched the sea the new yacht with three decks 106 'Limited Edition. The boat has stylish and innovative design thanks to the graphic lines of the windows that cover almost all the main deck and create environments as the master suite with large picture windows and the balcony glass that opens in the main hall.


Hemisphere 140 Raffaella II- Largest yacht ever built in South America is launched

On Friday, July 5 MCP Yachts hull number 085 Raffaella II was launched after 2.5 years of construction and more than 150 direct professionals involved.


MCP launches fourth Classic 76 hull

A brand new Classic 76 has been launched. This new model comes with a custom paint, Full layout and a powerfull motorization (2xC18 – 1015 BHP each). The sea-trials are almost completed.


106 feet Limited Edition is currently under construction

fter the success of the other 106 feet MCP motor yachts, it is time to herald a new era. Combining open innovation with 30 years of knowledge in aluminum yacht building, the new MCP 100’LE brings elegance with its modern profile with a bright ample-sized interior.


MCP launches the third Classic 76 hull

Take off your shoes and enjoy this fascinating 360° virtual tour inside a MCP Classic 76. All built in aluminum, with ample-sized interior and long range autonomy, the Classic 76 is a great success in Brazilian yacht market.


The 32m Yacht Atrevida 1922 Hereshoff returns to MCP Yachts

After a successful season winning classic yacht regattas at Punta del Leste (Uruguay) and Antiqua (Caribbean), the classic J-boat Atrevida returns to MCP for mast and Sail modifications.


The Hemisphere 140 has been transferred to our finishing hangar

The operation caught everyone’s attention as it was easily accomplished. The largest yacht in South America is now ready for fairing, painting and finishing.


A very successful workboat year at MCP - three 35 m fast aluminum crew vessels delivered in 2011

To compete with a network of air cargo chopper companies, the fast vessels jet driven are designed to carry up to 60 tons of cargo, 60 passengers, 6600 gal of fresh water, and almost 11000 gal of oil, all of that sustaining cruise speed of 21 knots.


MCP Yachts launches the first of three fast aluminum supply vessels for Petrobras use.

MCP Shipyard, known for producing high-quality aluminum yachts and commercial vessels, launched the first of three 115-foot fast aluminum supply vessels for Brasil Supply SA. These offshore crew boats will support Brazilian major oil company ‘Petrobras’ in Northeast Coast.


MCP is about to start construction of two new Classic 76

MCP Yachts recently signed another two contracts for the construction of Classic 76 motor yachts (hulls 086 and 087).

Under construction: three 35 meters fast aluminum platform supply vessels

After 10 years building luxury motor yachts, MCP Yachts rediscovers the service market building three 35 meters fast aluminum platform supply vessels.

From the late 80s to the 90s MCP Yachts worked together with other yards in order to supply the Brazilian navy and army. The company built service vessels such as patrol and tugboats as well as ferries.

MCP Yachts is proud to announce the signing of a new yacht contract – Hemisphere 140. This semi-displacement full aluminum 42.5 meter yacht will be the largest in South America.

Hemisphere 140 is a semi-displacement tri-deck yacht which accommodates ten guests in unsurpassed luxury. A vessel projected by MCP Yachts together with Vripack that represents an exceptional landmark achievement in Brazilian large yacht construction.

Another MCP Yacht successfully launched

With our tradicional and sophisticated way of constructing motor yachts, MCP proudly presents the new Europa 100 – Lady Genyr, launched July on 27th.

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