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100th Anniversary Schooner sailboat S/V ATREVIDA

We are delighted to share an exciting story from the international nautical world: the Schooner Sailboat Atrevida, designed by Nataniel Herreshoff in 1923, celebrated its centenary in 2023, having been gloriously reborn as a true work of art.

Initially cruising the Brazilian coastal waters under the care of the traditional Fontoura and Mourandrade families, Atrevida faced challenging times when acquired by a foreign business group. It nearly sank in Rio de Janeiro and was subsequently abandoned on dry land in the yard of a shipyard in the city of Niterói.

In the early 2000s, two friends, Auro Mourandrade and Manoel Chaves, presented the tired S/V ATREVIDA to Mr. Gilberto Miranda. From that moment, the dream of rescuing the soul of this beautiful schooner took shape.

With the support and enthusiasm of Gilberto Miranda and Manoel Chaves from the shipyard MCP Yachts, efforts to restore the S/V ATREVIDA began, rescuing it from a deplorable state. Holes in the hull were closed, and the vessel was launched into the water, towed to Santos, and lifted by a floating crane at the port. It was then placed at the MCP YACHTS shipyard. Original plans were obtained from the Herreshoff Museum and the renowned M.I.T institute, and a skilled team embarked on a 14-month restoration project. With dedication and precision, they painstakingly restored the exterior and interior, bringing the sailboat back to its former glory, true in every single detail to the original design.

In July 2005, the grand launch was successfully completed, marking the triumphant rebirth of Atrevida. Since then, she has majestically sailed through the waters of the Caribbean and South America, captivating everyone with her undeniable beauty and impressive performance. Participating in nautical events and regattas, Atrevida displays a timeless elegance that captivates all who witness its imposing presence.
In the loving hands of the Alexandre and Daniella Ferrari family, under the guidance of our friend Captain Atila Bohm, the S/V ATREVIDA continues to grace national and international waters. A physical proof of what passion and affection, cherished by people sensitive to naval traditions, can rescue from the precious relics of the past. Atrevida is a unique piece of art, a testament to an entire century filled with stories and lives. Owning Atrevida is like experiencing a portal in the space-time universe with every sailing.
Congratulations to the Ferrari family and Atrevida's crew.
We invite all friends who read this brief text to watch the video that tells part of the story of S/V Atrevida (Born as 'Wildfire'). A deep dive into this fascinating journey—a victory of beauty and naval tradition against the passage of time.

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