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The MCP YACHTS THD 925 project reflects the engineering and detail that only MCP's can offer.

Elegant lines with an essentially timeless profile. Always beautiful, modern and at the same time classic.

Its traits, while unique, are designed to satisfy all the tastes of those who love the oceans.

A hydraulic rotating folding down bulwark creating a balcony and the superstructure salon side hydraulic folding up, forming a new space in the hall in an exceptional design result in a unique solution.

An ample interior with new concepts of function, volume and shape, allows versions with up to 06 large cabins. The two-level Shipowner's suite, positioned on the main deck, having a wonderful sea view, in the quieter spot of the vessel, with options of electrical controlled clear glass / blank or video/TV Projector viewing in a sliding electronic door accessing the bathroom is one of the highlights of life on board.

A vast lower deck, with the possibility of customizing an arrangement of three to five cabins allow you to tailor the internal distribution to your needs and sea experiences.

The crew, with all comfort, lodged behind the engine room, can offer a service and maintenance at the height of a large yacht, with accesses and passages by portside, that do not interfere with the intimacy of the owner and his guests.

Lightweight structural and finishing materials that allow a reduction of up to 15 tons in weight when compared to any other same volume fiberglass vessel on the market ... Which yard in the market offers this advantage of economy and performance?

Top quality finish unequaled, customized, with interior where the owner can choose his spaces with creativity being guided by the experienced hands of our engineering department ... How many shipyards in the world have in their presidency a Naval Engineer and navigator of international experience to lead a project with responsibility, seriousness and knowledge of the sea?

Transoceanic autonomy so that the Shipowner can dream of any place in the world within reach ... What shipyard in the market offers this wide horizon of dreams and adventures for a vessel of this size?

All MCP YACHTS marine engineering with double bottom tanks and watertight compartmentation, design / construction / approved structure and Internationally Certified ... How many shipyards in the market offers this safety for you and your family?

Possibility to expand and even reverse water and oil capacities in double bottom tanks, making the boat more flexible.

MCP YACHTS has a knowledge of thirty-nine years producing vessels that sail the seas of the world on their own, without having to be transported on ships like the fragile and flammable fiberglass boats available on the market. How many shipyards can display this history?

Exclusivity, technology, design ... all that a great Motor Yacht needs to be famous.

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